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CBRD Construction

Critical Area Construction and Renovations

We create the spaces needed to perform
surgical interventions under optimal conditions.

     We are a general contractor with expertise in the healthcare and tenant improvement fields and a focus on customer service.  We specialize in critical area construction and general renovations.  We understand the needs of our clients, be it healthcare facilities, retail space, or an office complex, and ensure that all standards are met while working to complete a project on time.

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Our Services

  • Construction Project Management

  • Design-build Project Management



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AHCA Approval

About Us

CBRD Construction, LLC

Founded in July of 2018, CBRD, LLC is quickly becoming the Tampa Bay area’s premiere commercial renovation construction specialists.  We have built a reputation for being attentive to the needs of a client’s operations and the safety and care of an organization’s patrons.  We understand that daily operations must continue while improvements to the facility and its processes are implemented. That is why we work with our clients to understand their needs and develop a construction plan that both supports their vision and completes their desired improvements.


Recent Projects

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